Dear Mr. Murakami,

Dear Mr. Murakami,

I have read a few of your novels and I…


I am unsure of the reason why I am writing this to you, as well as the mannerism surrounding this letter.

As far as your work goes, I have to admit I didn’t read it fully, but I feel it deep inside my heart, even without touching a single page.

I feel immersed in everything that is soul and character and mind and personality every time I hold one of your books in my hands.

To know with such depth a book that you have never seen before – this means the book is the work of a true artist.

The fact that you didn’t won the Nobel prize this year saddened me, but I never gave up on you. I needed no award to remind me of the genius and feelings and soul and everything that is your art.

I was glad reading this article and knowing (and also hoping that those words were true) that you don’t want prizes, since I believe it would be disappointing to be nominated for such an honor and not win it.

I hope this doesn’t avert you from your track and I hope this doesn’t ‘finish’ your soul, since I feel you still have a lot of stories to tell us.

Sometimes, I wonder how it would be like to meet you. I would probably be too scared to say a word, but I would read your books in your presence, because I believe it would intensify the experience so much.

Your latest work, 1Q84, was the greatest book I read in a long, long time. As days pass by, I still hear fragments of the book inside my head, I still get chills from time to time, without even reading it or thinking about it.

To be able to create such emotion surrounding one single book, to be able to make it long-lasting almost to the extent of forever, to be able to touch people’s lives without even knowing them – this deserves an award bigger than the Nobel prize. But I am afraid I don’t know what award is that, or what to call it, I can only say that I would give it to you instantly, because you deserve to know how much appreciation and gratitude and love your readers have for you.



Sursa poza.

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